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Oh Happy Day!

What a day.  What an incredible, amazing, historical day.  

First, personal history.  Emily’s first snowstorm hit Charlotte and it was also the first the Jayden was really old enough to appreciate….they LOVED it.  Well, Emily kinda loved it, and then fell hand first in it, and hated it too. 🙂 it is so funny to me, miss Northern girl to see these children so amazed at the sight of snow.  I couldn’t put the camera down, they were ENTHRALLED.  Jayden took all day to learn the concept of a snowball, and I realized (as I tied the plastic bags over my children’s shoes) just how funny it is that in this house you have to search for anything the resembles boots, or looks like a warm hat.  I thought about the fact that my kiddos do not need to own a sled, and while I can not say that I do not love the weather down here, because I do, that thought made me a bit reflective.   I think we may need to find an ice rink in Charlotte to make me feel better.

But, of course, the snow today was just the icing on the cake.  Today was according to Jayden “Obama Day”!!!! WOW, I can not even describe the emotions I felt all day today.  I was (and am) so incredibly proud to be an American today.  Watching Barack Obama take his place as the next president of our country swelled me with Joy, and watching it with my children made me feel like there truly was a monumental moment in history that I could share with them.   I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, I was felt happiness, amazement, pride at this moment.  I was the cornball who took pictures of the clock on the VCR the moment that he became president.  I wept like a baby during his speech, I cried like a little girl at the benediction.   I laughed at the wardrobe choices (loved the hat Aretha, only you could have pulled that off!) and I crossed my fingers and prayed to something for his safety when he walked in the parade and I felt he was “exposed”.  I was scared this day would not come, I was cautious when it did.  Now that it is here, and done, I am happy, proud, and hopeful for our future.  One man can not change the course we are on, One man can not “fix” this nation….. but One man CAN inspire a nation to rebound.  One man CAN bring a country together, and help heal broken spirits.  THIS man, CAN and HAS done that today.  I am proud to be a mom, an American, and someone who voted in this, our most historical election.

now for some pictures of the day, since I am crying like a baby all over again.

First, the snow day……

that fall ended the love affair with the white cold stuff…..

Jayden’s first look–

after many attempts…… he got it, and gave it a try…..

and here are some shots of our “Obama Day”

this is during the speech, Jayden listened to the whole thing, I was so proud of how captivated he was!

all in all, a great day!! Happy Obama Day to all….. I am so glad Bush is out of office…. and so happy that the future is in front of us!


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Emily’s new Jewels….

just had to share some pictures of Emily showing off her new Amber teething necklace, this thing is supposed to excrete oils into the skin that have great anti-inflammatory properties, and be great for cutting teeth, and with her molars coming in, it is not a moment to soon to try this out!!

I also happen to think it brings out her eyes wonderfully……

what a little sweetie!

adding a little attitude to her pose….

close up of her jewels…..

you wanna know what the sweetest thing is?? she LOVES wearing a necklace.  She is such a girly girl…. yesterday she brought me a hair tie, and pointed to it, and said “this” and I put it in her hair and she IMMEDIATELY went to the mirror, smiled and giggled out loud…. it is really cute!

and this is just thought was funny, because this is the way Emily watches tv…… where did she pick this up??

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I have been really slack about posting this week, I am sorry about that, we have had illnesses, family, friends, and busyness going on….

The most important thing to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! this is officially the last day of 2008, and I say, for the most part …… good riddance!!!  I really shouldn’t say that,  because other then the trying financial times this year has not been all that bad, but I am still optimistic that 2009 hold much more joy and happiness, as well as better times for all!!

I think the best thing about 2008 can be summed up in this video (which I received as a greeting e-card) and I loved!  It is catchy, and fun, and a great way to ring in the new year!

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Sorry, I have been meaning to blog for a few days now, and I got busy:

What can you do…….

this is my all time favorite picture for this holiday season, I just love it.  I wish it were in better focus, but it is still my favorite shot.

I do not even know where to start about Christmas.  With everything that has been going on with Aaron, and his job, and money being as tight as it was, I did not think we were going to have a very large Christmas.  I could not have been more wrong.  My wonderful friends at CHARLOTTEMOMMIES.COM reached out to me, when I was too proud to admit that I wanted help, and a wonderful family adopted mine and truly taught me what they Christmas spirit is all about.  The family that wanted to give my children a wonderful Christmas has the biggest heart of pretty much any family I know.  This past year, they lost their youngest baby, a little girl named Paxton, to a rare and awful seizure disorder.  In her honor, they wanted to spend the money that they would have spent on Paxton, making another child’s Christmas special.  Emily and Paxton were only 19 days apart in age, and her story was one I followed very closely, and held very close to my heart.   Well, to put it very simply, they made our Christmas VERY special, and they will forever be in my heart.  The toys were awesome, Jayden and Emily LOVED everything, and had a BALL Christmas day.  Jayden is the kind of kid who wants to open say, 100 piece puzzle and then put it together and play with it for an hour until he is ready to open something else.  It LITERALLY took us until 7 pm to open all the presents.  It was a magical day, and I was so lucky to have been able to have it be so special for them.

This was the tree, decorated, after Santa visited…… (I put the trampoline down under the tree, and stacked the presents on it….)

I got up at the CRACK of dawn to get everything out and arranged…….this is a close up of the tree and the bounty…..

Here were Santa’s stockings…… the kids would have been happy with just these from the way they reacted…. it was hilarious.

“Socks mom, I got MORE socks!!!!!” this would be how my kid reacts to socks in his stockings…..

I also put out more snow on the patio before they got to see it, but the picture was not as great….. so just use your imagination….

I got some cute shots of Emily dressed in her Santa hat-

Some of the favorite toys of the day were a remote control car, that makes Jayden CRACK up every time it hits anything….. a basketball hoop and ball that he is desperately trying to master, this cool red bounce ball that he is prone to taking all over the living room and falling off of, multiple puzzles that he LOVES, some great books, Thomas gear that he adores, and what I call “Brain games”, things that let him learn, which really he is all about.  His cousin sent him some really cool linking blocks (thanks Maddie) and so much more it would be too long to list……

Emily, cares about ONE toy, and one toy ONLY.  Santa (aka: Paxton’s family) gave her a little pink fairy ride on toy, and I swear if you removed ALL other toys from the house, and that was the ONLY thing to play with in this whole house, she would be PERFECTLY happy.  There is a little button on the front, and it sings “In a magic fairy land, where fairies play all day…..” I SWEAR to you, it has been pressed more then 100 times since Christmas morning…… I kid you not, the kid is OBSESSED.  we may have to “lose” the batteries one of these days, but for now, she is too happy for me to care…… 

And then there was the Kitchen…….. the Kitchen was a HUGE hit, they LOVED it!!! Thanks Nanny and Granddad for sending that down!!!

I LOVE them using imaginative play, and Santa brought them a tea set, which went with the kitchen perfectly…… Emily also got a VERY nice tea set from Nanny, but that is going to be saved for tea parties 😉  The kitchen is the perfect size, and it fit just right.  Mooma sent some awesome utensils and the kids just loved playing with it…..

here is Jayden taking orders….

So, that was the bulk of our Christmas story, it really was an incredible day, I thought a lot about what Christmas means, and next year we are going to adopt a family, and make someone else’s day, as special as it was made for us.  Thank you to our family, our friends, and CHARLOTTEMOMMIES.COM.  Everyone is VERY grateful for all that we got.  

To learn more about Paxton, her family, and their story, click HERE . 

Merry Christmas to all, I hope everyone’s day was as filled with happiness and joy as ours was!

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We WON!!

the Patio of the month contest that is!!

Our Apartment complex held an apartment of the month contest and the prize was $50 BUCKS!!! there were no specific “rules” just that creativity and imagination would be factors.  So I thought up an idea that we could use the four corners of our patio to be four different “parts” of Christmas.  Four different scenes.  

First there was the north pole.  There was a sign above the lamp that said “North Pole” and the letter hanging on the post was addressed to Santa, and sent from Jayden.  My picture of this after dark did not do it justice but lit up the mailbox looked really sweet.

The second corner was “Santa’s workshop”:

Which also had our little elf in the corner on the day of the judging (Friday)…..

The third corner was supposed to be “Santa’s lap” kinda like the next thing you get to do after mailing the letter to the north pole etc…. 

For the Judging we sat Jayden in the Chair with a Santa hat on, but again, I was too busy to snap a picture so I will have to get him to go sit back out there and snap another shot.  It was just our regular chair with some greenery and snow……

and then in the fourth corner was our tree.  

Last year it was rather cramped in the living room with the tree in there, and the dog and baby were SURE to bother it again this year, so we figured that since it has been in the high 60’s most days, and hasn’t gotten that cold at all, we would keep the tree outside this year, and Christmas morning would be like our own special magical adventure……. that, and the whole Santa breaks into your house thing never sat well with me, and since we are void of a chimney, I thought this would be a more logical leap for our little brainiac Jayden to make sense of……. I think the concept that the big guy leave presents on your porch make a lot more sense then anything we ever heard as a kid…..lol….. maybe this will become a tradition??

Who knows, but the “special” decorations and toys etc… are not going to be placed under or on the tree until the crack of dawn on Christmas morning….. we do not want to assume that anything would happen to them if left out now, but you never know and that is the LAST thing I want to deal with this year.

so, for now, all the ornaments on the tree are replaceable, and non-sentimental, and the “scenes” were taken in after we won, but I do think it is a very cute idea, and I think that Christmas morning will be really special this way!

More Christmas pictures are still to come, I will get them up tomorrow I think, I hope these tided you over!

here are a few more shots of the patio as the lights went down….. I think the one above is still the best shot, but these were interesting as I played with shutter speeds and what-not.

The pictures didn’t really get the “whole” picture, but hey one of these days I will have a fish angle lens right??

This was at about 5:40 (20 min after sunset)

this is about 4 min later…….

So, we got fifty bucks out of this deal, and thanks to my friend Shannon who donated the lights and reindeer and helped me with this, we only really spent about $10 bucks TOTAL for this, and that is a gross profit of $40!! Can’t beat that when it comes with this much Christmas sprit attached.  Jayden took one look, gasped and said “WOW mommy, that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!” and then proceed to BEG us to let him eat dinner out on the patio, which we all did.  Great for the spirit, great for the wallet, Happy holidays all!!

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We took the kids to see Santa this weekend, and had a blast, thought I would share some pics….

First we met Rudolf

Then Frosty

I tried to get a cute Christmas shot of the two kids together, but they were in less then good moods 😦 they made it through the adventure, but you can tell from this picture that they really wanted to be home napping……. 

Then we saw the Big Guy himself:

Emily was trying to pretend that she was shy, and REFUSED to look at the camera.  It was VERY cute, and I tried as I might to get her to face forward, but it was to no avail…..

Then Jayden got some one on one time with Mr. Clause, and got to tell him all his wishes…….

and after his visit, he signed his name on the list of good children all by himself….

Then it was Emily’s turn to meet Rudolf…… 

and after kissing him (seriously the sweetest thing I have EVER seen)..

Emily decided to try out her position on the nice list and be a naughty girl….. she got the look of sweet devil in her eyes, and ripped off Rudolf’s nose.  I cracked up, I couldn’t help it, I apologized to the man, but we left with his bright red nose hanging off his snout, and tears of laughter silently running down my face.  Emily is such a little trouble maker, but she is SOOOO cute when she does it that it is nearly impossible to be mad at her…….

So, that was our trip to the north pole (aka: Black lion) this year, it was a lot of fun, and just thought you would all get a kick out of the photos.

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OK, so FINALLY I am getting pictures up and our outing to Riverbend farm this past weekend up…… sorry that my whole life seems to be about 3 days behind, but Emily is sick again, things are still crazy, and the home repairs kinda pushed me over the coping edge for a hot little minute.

Last year we went to Riverbend farm on the suggestion of some cool CHARLOTTEMOMMIES friends.  We had SUCH a good time, and Jayden enjoyed himself so much that we thought it would be cool to go back this year too.  Like with the zoo, I think that the pictures tell the day better then I could so I will again, let them do the talking……

My sweet little pilgrims set out on their adventures

First we saw a huge tractor…… this is to document Emily’s peanut status

in relation to this massive machine….. what is really cute is that if you want to see Jayden in the same picture last year you can click HERE.  

Sweet angelic little thing thought that tire was awesome, and didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with her brother at all-


Jayden in HIS favorite part of the tractor

Jayden in HIS favorite part of the tractor

Then we saw some really funny Emu’s that were running around…. I tried to feed them and thank goodness I tried before I let Jay, damn bird nearly pecked my hand off!! it hurt like heck!  So, we just threw them the rest of the corn and Jayden laughed his head off at them…..

then it was time to go get our pumpkin!!! YAY

on the way saw a goat in a trough that I thought was pretty funny……

and cool scenery…. it is a great big farm……

We arrived at the Patch, and Jayden got to work looking for his favorite pumpkin, he was MUCH more into this then last year….

He finally found his favorite pumpkin….

that pumpkin was bigger then he was…. it was hilarious, but the boy chose his prize.

So then Emily found HER choice, and I begged her not to try to pick it up….

and then I got them to pose for me-

Should interject here that it was a really really bad year for pumpkin crop

there was a sign that was really tall that marked where the flood water had been and I tried to grab a picture on the way past, but my card was full.  Take my word for it, it was really high, and there were WICKED slim pickens when it comes to crop this year.   It is funny to note that without realizing this, we were here EXACTLY one year ago, I just noticed that the date was the 28th last year as well.   

Daddy and his little girl-

So, next was the Silo slide.  TONS of funs…..for all involved.

Emily went on with daddy, at first she was a bit terrified, but after two or three runs she was LOVING it, she was squealing like a little piggy!!

Jayden did about 10 runs on EACH of the slides, and had a real blast, the weather was gorgeous! and he really loves being outdoors….

Then he congratulated his sister for her run down the slide

and Daddy and Emily posed from some more pilgrim shots

We marked our trip 


And here is the final pic to mark another successful Baker outing, I love October in the Carolina’s perfect day for an outing.

If you want to see the whole album click HERE there are some more cute ones, and here is the link from last year one more time, in case you care to walk down memory lane and see what a difference a year makes LAST YEAR 😉

Thanks for waiting so patiently….. next post…..more pie, and failed bread…..

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