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Oh Happy Day!

What a day.  What an incredible, amazing, historical day.  

First, personal history.  Emily’s first snowstorm hit Charlotte and it was also the first the Jayden was really old enough to appreciate….they LOVED it.  Well, Emily kinda loved it, and then fell hand first in it, and hated it too. 🙂 it is so funny to me, miss Northern girl to see these children so amazed at the sight of snow.  I couldn’t put the camera down, they were ENTHRALLED.  Jayden took all day to learn the concept of a snowball, and I realized (as I tied the plastic bags over my children’s shoes) just how funny it is that in this house you have to search for anything the resembles boots, or looks like a warm hat.  I thought about the fact that my kiddos do not need to own a sled, and while I can not say that I do not love the weather down here, because I do, that thought made me a bit reflective.   I think we may need to find an ice rink in Charlotte to make me feel better.

But, of course, the snow today was just the icing on the cake.  Today was according to Jayden “Obama Day”!!!! WOW, I can not even describe the emotions I felt all day today.  I was (and am) so incredibly proud to be an American today.  Watching Barack Obama take his place as the next president of our country swelled me with Joy, and watching it with my children made me feel like there truly was a monumental moment in history that I could share with them.   I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, I was felt happiness, amazement, pride at this moment.  I was the cornball who took pictures of the clock on the VCR the moment that he became president.  I wept like a baby during his speech, I cried like a little girl at the benediction.   I laughed at the wardrobe choices (loved the hat Aretha, only you could have pulled that off!) and I crossed my fingers and prayed to something for his safety when he walked in the parade and I felt he was “exposed”.  I was scared this day would not come, I was cautious when it did.  Now that it is here, and done, I am happy, proud, and hopeful for our future.  One man can not change the course we are on, One man can not “fix” this nation….. but One man CAN inspire a nation to rebound.  One man CAN bring a country together, and help heal broken spirits.  THIS man, CAN and HAS done that today.  I am proud to be a mom, an American, and someone who voted in this, our most historical election.

now for some pictures of the day, since I am crying like a baby all over again.

First, the snow day……

that fall ended the love affair with the white cold stuff…..

Jayden’s first look–

after many attempts…… he got it, and gave it a try…..

and here are some shots of our “Obama Day”

this is during the speech, Jayden listened to the whole thing, I was so proud of how captivated he was!

all in all, a great day!! Happy Obama Day to all….. I am so glad Bush is out of office…. and so happy that the future is in front of us!


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